What Is Paintless Dent Removal?

Paintless dent removal, also known as “PDR”, uses the process of gaining access behind the dent in order to repair it. Various tools and lighting equipment are used to effectively repair damage. This process involves manipulating the metal. Essentially assisting the metal to return to its own state of metal memory. Aluminum panels have no “metal memory” and require more manipulation, which can raise the cost of repair. Slow presses are applied to prevent the paint from cracking or chipping. In some situations there might not be access to the dent due to bracing structures that are built into the vehicles panels. To work around this we use a process called “glue pulling”. It’s not like using you’re toilet plunger that you see in videos. We use a special automotive safe glue the adheres to the panel and allows us to pull the panel back into its original form. In some cases you’re able to get behind the panel and push it out with your hand or plunger, but this is only a temporary fix and the dent isn’t “restored” and will push right back in with ease.

Minor Dents and Door Dings

Typical door dents or dings usually take 30 minutes to an hour to effectively repair. In some cases light disassembly of a taillight or headlight might be required. This usually doesn’t occur and the process is usually simple and quick. Pricing depends on the size, depth, location, and type of metal. Proper estimating is used with measuring tools to ensure correct estimates. In most cases we can make 99% of the dent disappear for a fraction of the cost of a body shop while maintaining your original factory paint.

Large Dent Repair

Large dent repair can usually take 1-3 hours to complete. This includes minor dents that occur on the body line features of the vehicle. Dents that are creased or that are spread 7” are considered severe damage and start at $150

Severe Damage

This process involves hours and sometimes days to complete. This might include disassembly of a certain area in order to gain access to the whole dent. This involves extreme manipulation of the metal. If the paint is cracked or chip the ability to repair using PDR isn’t going to be affective and will require a body shop. However, in most cases PDR can take care of “severe” damage.

Prices typically start around $250